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The pump / kettle uses but dry friction mechanical seal -------U.S.A. FLUIDOL mechanical seal company East China ( Suzhou) Office 13914079016FLUIDOL ( Fei LuDe) 42 type " operate dry " Integrated type the mechanical seal ' U.S.A. is original packaging) The intersection of fee and the intersection of Shandong and Germany that innovation design have spring, have mechanical seal of sealing surface become possible the intersection of tradition and working condition can't met to seal while being 42 type. The adoption of the ultra H hard carborundum or oxygen zirconium axle sleeve, has guaranteed the 42 type machine is sealed and can be used under various strong corrosive and other harsh working conditions for a long time. 1,Characteristic: Fee the intersection of Shandong and the intersection of Germany and G2 seal the intersection of unit and unique fluid mechanics and seal cell design circularly The heavy-duty sealed end cap designs the unique compound shaft sleeve to have no spring to design, there is no sealing ring to design and attach the installation kit 2, advantage: a.Does not bind, not block, operate dry, many kinds of sealant can be applied to different working conditions. Excellent corrosion-resistant ability, " 0 " that only one one keeps in touch with the medium Type auxiliary seal ring. The lip material accords with FDA standard, is suitable for food and medical processing industry. b.Axial looseness and influence that turn round intermittently, can full the intersection of foot and two-way operation of axle. c.The sealing surface is invariant, the sealed end cap can be designed according to users' size. d.The design that the shaft sleeve adopted the carborundum and the metal combined together, can guarantee it has perfect abrasion resistance and can send out tribological heat rapidly, lengthen the life-span of the labial plate greatly. e.It is kinematic not to have " 0" Type enclose,is it or not attrited to may produce sealing ring on thermal fragmentation, be be avoided not using by springing and blockade brought totallied. f.Use and attach tools, let field installation be easy. 3,Typical application area: Adhesive, caustic liquid, pitch, chocolate, coating, syrup, fat, fuel, glue, finished oil, ink, emulsion, petroleum, papermaking, polymer, resin, encapsulant, soap, solvent, starch, tar, paint, wax,etc. 4, performance parameter: Pressure: 20bar (exceed 20bar please consult Fluidol Company) Vacuum: 660mm mercury column Temperature: (exceed 150 ¡æplease consult Fluidol Company at 150 ¡æ) Linear velocity: Under the dry working condition of operating: 15m/s medium operates under the working condition: 25m/s diameter run-out: 0.13mm (greater than 0.13mm and please consult Fluidol Company) Axial looseness: 3.2mm5, material: MPTS: Screws such as SS316 SS304,etc.: The alloy C in Kazakhstan " 0" Type enclose: Fluorine rubber, (other materials is available) Sealed unit: Shaft sleeves such as the fee Lu Germany G2 type,etc.: The carborundum compounds contact details such as SS316,etc.: U.S.A. FLUIDOL mechanical seal company East China ( Suzhou) Office address: The fragrant road No. 120 telephone number of Suzhou city three of China: 0512- 69286479 66118823 13914079016Fax: 0512-68702009E-mail:

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