Infrared scanner of the kiln

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The infrared scanner rotary kiln of the kiln is the key technological equipment that cement chamotte calcines, and it is high-quality, high yield, low consumption and key factor of operating safely for a long time in the production of rotary kiln that the kiln is lined with, the temperature is too high, heat has shaken the conference and damaged kiln lining with and kiln trunk seriously. The trunk body temperature degree is infrared to scan the system to prevent the kiln from lining with and prevent the kiln trunk from damaging, guarantee the safe and reliable operation of rotary kiln, realize the important monitoring equipment of economical operation of rotary kiln. Our company has been devoted to the research, development and popularization equipped in specialized automation of the cement trade for many years. The kiln trunk of Model FR2008 is infrared to scan Smith that the system is introduced by our company to examine the warm system, system this can to the intersection of rotary kiln and the intersection of trunk and the intersection of body temperature and degrees of the intersection of information and overall careful monitoring and analyze one during when the rotary kiln rotate a circle, can enable attenbant overall the intersection of understanding and the intersection of kiln and skin, state of refractory brick under kiln in time, the intersection of kiln and skin further deterioration of state offer accurate and reliable basis and prompt following monitor, reveal and call the police unusually in the kiln to prevent from. System this rotate in the one the intersection of circle and time can go on, make a reservation, find with the real-time picture analyzing accurately to the intersection of kiln and the intersection of trunk and the intersection of surface and position and temperaturing in rotary kiln. Abundant analysis picture through offering systematically, the attenbant can know the information in the distribution of the surface temperature of trunk of kiln and a large number of kilns carried by kiln trunk body temperature degree in time but in an all-round way, this improves the operation of the kiln to attenbant of rotary kiln, has prevented the kiln from lining with and damaging with the trunk of kiln offering the accurate and reliable basis. This system has the following main function: The kiln temperature is monitored in real time and analyze the function. The historical temperature record of the kiln analyzes the function. The function of management of refractory material, benefit repair and maintenance of the kiln. Sectional temperature analyze the function fast. Analyze the function in temperature contours of the whole kiln. The kiln temperature and kiln line with the thickness three-dimensional animation and analyse in depth the function. Analyze and compare the function fast in new, old temperature data. Fault alarm function of the production process. Output the colored report form. The kiln is monitored etc. rapidly.

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