JSY- automatical control is locked

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JSY- mechanical procedure key is electromagnetic to control and locks, abbreviated as the automatical control and locked, it is Zhenjiang electrician's apparatus factory (www.zjdgqc.com) Force for the power system " Five is defended " The integrated automatical control of electromechanics operated and specially designed is locked ' Patent No.: ZL 01237787) ,Take over control and jump the relay and shuts the contactor of the floodgate and realize the closure of the control return circuit and break through bunch, patented product with Zhenjiang electrician's apparatus factory - -JSN(W) A serial mechanical procedures lock and form a complete set the dividing jointly of the circuit breaker in the effective control system. Its main function is to prevent the circuit breaker and isolate the misoperation between the switches, as to JSN(W) A serial mechanical procedures lock mandatory administration, realizes the mechanical procedure locks in the comprehensive automation transformer substation " five is defended " Operation.

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