The specialized pump of oil of high-temperature heat conduction, exhaust-heat boiler,

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First township of world acrobatics where the heat transfer oil stove of Wuqiao county of Hebei is civilized in Co., Ltd. ----Wuqiao county town, connects with Beijing-Shanghai Expressway in the east, the west and Beijing-Shanghai Railway. 104 national road Xiang Tong, the traffic is very convenient. The company mainly produces various heat transfer oil stoves, fused salt stove, tube oven, steam generator, class I and class II pressure vessel. The leading products heat transfer oil stove of the company get better development, has succeeded in developing and improving the coal burning boiler from kilocalorie 100,000 to kilocalorie 20 million in recent years, burn the stove to adopt unique secondary air and combustion chamber to reaches and does not emit the black smoke from 10 to the hands of kilocalorie 1,200,000, structure of soot formation that the square box stove from kilocalorie 1,200,000 to kilocalorie 20 million does not adopt unique convection current section. Successful development anthracite heat transfer oil stove and coal briquette heat transfer oil stove. And widened the application of the organic hot carrier stove, elder sister's food company of horse of Beijing adopted the heat transfer oil stove products of our company to apply to sugar manufacturing industry's saving water and energy in place of the steam boiler in 2006, +is 1 degree. Our company succeeded in developing reachable 480 degrees of stove temperature of fused salt and succeeded in being applied to liking group three to gather on the ammonia production line of cyanogen on the mountain Xifeng in 2007, the heat transfer oil stove which fires the sanding powder which the company develops, and the frequency conversion heat transfer oil stove succeeds in applying to Puyang of Henan, Wenan of Hebei, Jilin and other places, and succeed in being sold to abroad. . The needing to be our goal of the customer, inherited this idea we develop the waste material of bionass (distiller's grains of adapting toed, furfural waste residue, rice husk, bagasse) The fluidized bed boiler of fuel such as the gangue has made very good economic benefits.

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