Plastic optical fiber connector

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Plastic optical fiber connector

1,Dampen less than 0.2dB/m, suitable short-haul communication includes the jumper wire of audio frequency, shorts out with the protector of the ground indication, application such as the plastic optical fiber sensor

2,Product quality is stable and reliable, the implementation of technical service. There are many kinds of (red, black, blue, yellow) colors Can supply, can produce the special external diameter (2.0mm, 1.8mm, 1.3mm, 1.5mm) according to customer's request too And the customized products of the special color

3,Mainly apply to the communication transmission of the short distance, can use with respects such as the field bus, proceeding control and digital control in industrial control,etc.. Through the converter, this product can link with interface of standard agreement such as RS232, RS485, 100Mbps Ethernet, token ring, to offer the steady, reliable communication circuit in the abominable industry manufacturing environment, the intersection of high-speed transmission and industrial control signal and order, avoid, use, belong to cable circuit electromagnetic disturbance and cause the interrupted danger of communication all.
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