The teleswitch, move the switch, the infrared rays switch

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The infrared rays switch of motion control, offer for your life limitlessly excellent accuses of eight major advantages of the infrared rays switch of motion control: 1, The random teleswitch in 10-15 meters, the infrared rays function is convenient and practical; 2,It doesn't need routing backwards to move the teleswitch, save the electric wire; 3,Solid state relay, 1 million times of switch life-span, if defective in quality in three years, change free; 4,The infrared rays moves remote control popularly, the price is lower than the ordinary switch; 5,Needn't change the original circuit, can change our infrared rays teleswitch receiver on the switch chassis; 6,The movement is added manually, it is perfectly safe to guarantee; 7,Use infrared rays transmission mode, does not have radiation effect on the human body, accords with the requirement for environment protection; 8,One moves and controls all movement teleswitch receivers of on off control home remotely. The details are landed

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