Control the screen wall cabinet of video wall

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The peak bin of Zhenjiang house of Jiangsu is the professional production monitoringJiangsu controlsTV ledge,Screen wall,Monitoring screen cabinet, Console, intensive shelf, filing cabinet, the changeroom ,,The video wall in Nanjing, JiangsuTV ledge, Jiangsu video screen wall, the video wall in Anhui, the video wall of Shandong of control and monitor console of Jiangsu, the video wall in Shanghai, wall of video screen of operating desk of Nanjing, the operating desk of Jiangsu, the wall of video screen of Suzhou, the control and monitor console of video wall of Changzhou of Wuxi, Yangzhou Yancheng TV ledge, the wall of video screen of Huaian, the video wall in Suzhou, the video wall of Zhenjiang of Nantong, wall of screen of Hangzhou of Hefei, the video wall of Lianyun Harbour of Jinan, Suqian operating desk, the wall cabinet of Xuzhou screen.
Saling hot line: 13812452927, 0511-83723090, 375734062
Space peak serial TV ledges, screen wall cabinets of YF-DSQ Zhenjiang
1,Choose materials: High-quality cold rolling steel sheet of Baoshan iron and steel plant of Shanghai. Surface treat: Defat, acid cleaning, phosphorus, static gush out and mould.
2,The appearance is esthetic, the craft is consummate, the size is accurate. The planking thickness is 1.2mm- 2.0mm.
3,Display unit screen but invagination can also outer convex. The faceplate trepans and depends on monitor size.
4,According to the Living demand, the tailor. Many kinds of colors are available, there are black and computer dust conventionally.

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