REC-P2 is single acting to charge the hydraulic pump, engraves the electricity of exhibition in Luoyang

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REC-P2 is single acting to charge the hydraulic pump to adopt this machine and battery integrated design as driving power of Rechargeable Battery, portable and small, light, homework in the event that there is no power in high altitude and field REC-P2 single acting to charge hydraulic pump, can promote 60 work up the tool and spit oil content only while being following: Undervoltage 1.8L / fen; High-pressure 0.4L / fen; Oil reserve: 1 liter; Power: DC28.8V; Weight: 14kg; Size: 250* 380* 175 telephone numbers: 0379-60620961 Fax: 0379-65260961 mobile phones: 13938872191 websites: postbox: address: Henan Province the intersection of Luoyang and the intersection of city and west the intersection of work area and dishes of the intersection of South Road and 87 No. the intersection of treasure and the intersection of dragon and the intersection of Building and 1208 room Luoyang engrave exhibition power equipment product of Co., Ltd. as follows, crimp cuts off machines, NGK wire clip vice, telescope, safe protection utensil, hand saw petrol chain saw, hoist having, pulley, mast, peeling the machines,etc.. It is the professional enterprises engaged in the construction appliance of electric power circuit and research and develop, produce, sell and serve to engrave power equipment Co., Ltd. of the exhibition in Luoyang. Our company continues Israel " Quality first, consumers first, grow with each passing hour, try to be the first to provide quality goods or brilliant " Policy it is preferred for service since and it is spiritual.

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