QGN steel tube inboard wall throws a machine

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This series are used mainly in throwing of the inboard wall of steel tube, shot blasting to clear up, in the inner pipe diameter range of ¦Õ 50 - ¦Õ 700mm, it is a high-efficient shot blasting device which utilizes continuous work, gush out steel pill, quartz sand each placement getting the inner surface of steel tube, make it achieve the goal of clearing up; In the inner pipe diameter range of ¦Õ 700 - ¦Õ 3000mm, it utilizes the projectile fillet at a high speed of throwing a device high-efficiently and dishing out to smash oxide skin, rust layer and incidental on the interior surface of steel tube, make it get meticulous bright surface, improve stretch-proof and compression strength of the work piece, protect and increase adhesion for the japanning of interior surface, achieve the goal of antisepticizing, the protective pipe, lengthening the life time of steel tube.

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