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Line ball cap products summary of the safety type (NYLON CLOSE-END WIRI) Outer cover material: NYLON66 that UL approved of, fire rating 94V- 2. Operation method: It is intraductal to peel off the postlude crusts of electric wire and insert one more set of, cramp with the Crimping Pliers. Use: The outer cover is injectioned mold of nylon, the specialty of the internal copper pipe, increase electric wire crimp range, make it can grip the electric wire even more, does not loss even shaking strongly. The straight morality plastics specialize in nylon bandage, locating tab, line ball cap, twine series such as tube, steel nail wire gauge, connecting terminal, plastic paper strip seal,etc.. The products are complete in specifications, quality is excellent. Contact: Liu Bi welcomes the masses of incoming telegram messengers of old and new customers to consult and talk simply! Telephone number: 0577-61757219 13757789306 faxes: 0577-61751219 E-mails:

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