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Shenzhen nears scientific and technological Co., Ltd. of the profit in order to specialize in civilly, reseach manufacturing enterprise of serial air humidity products such as industrial dehumidifier, humidifier, dehumidifier of the runner, air cleaner,etc.; Company product use for electron, pharmacy, chemical fibre, food, glass, vessel making, computer lab extensively ' Electricity, telecommunication) , workshop warehouse, accurate five metals; Shoes, clothes, tobacco, leather, paper engage in, file administration ( Bank, public security men, museum, government bodies) A great deal of trades such as the war industry of the national defence. The company mainly develops, sells and the administrative staff has experience engaged in the dehumidifier industry for many years, have several dozen professional and technical personnels. The company introduces digital panel beating punch press, Crest Welder, vacuum pump, irritates the Fluorine machine, advanced apparatus of testing etc. automatically, " wetlord" The whole series of products are totally according to the industrial standard design of Europe, the important part adopts the internationally famous brand products, and rigorously enforce it according to GB/T19001; The requirements of 2000 quality management systems pursue total quality control. Company Israel " Sincerity exploits market " ,Devoted to research and development and production of the air humidity products, it is that the internal and external customer makes the first-class products to be diligent, offer the high-quality after service, create the beautiful future.

"pellet than " The performance specification of the electronic moisture separator:
*Semi-conductive electronic element refrigerate dehumidifier, without compressor, without cooling medium, it is fast to dehumidify.
*The automatic defrost system of the low temperature, full auto-stop of water.
*Environmental protection and energy saving is extremely quiet.
*The outer cover of plastic, the appearance is esthetic.
*Alternating current voltage transformation changes the galvanic electricity at least, it is safe and reliable.

Technical parameter:




Dehumidifying amount

680 ml per day (T =30 ¡æ RH80%)

Specified input power


Circulate air flow


Net weight


Gross weight


Applicable area

5~10m2 (layer is 2.6 meters high)




< 13dB

Other explanation:
The name dehumidifies and measures and tests the working condition: T =30 ¡æ RH =80%
The products for further details, please refer to the products service manual of our company to use
Our company keeps the machine format explanation right of the propaganda materials
May there will be slight differences in products picture and material object, please subject to material object
The products please subject to data plate of the fuselage, forgive notice separately while involving design parameter and data
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