Metal surface heat treatment, quenching the apparatus

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The scientifically creating application of induction heating equipment is as follows: 1, Heat of completely thermoset A, all kinds of standard component, fastener, mechanical accessories, hardware & tools, straight handle fluted drill upsets, hot rolling. B, metallic material are heated and annealed. For instance: The steel tube draws, the conduit elbow, breaking the head; Iron wire, steel wire heat and make nails; , rising type that the stainless steel products anneal. 2,Heat treatment all kinds of hardware & tools, electronically, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic component, vapour, lasting surfaces, female, some or quench wholly at MPTS mechanical. For instance: Hammer, knife, cutting, pincers and all kinds of axle, cam, sprocket, gear, valve, selling, large-scale lathe guide, ductile iron of ball head one are quenched, various metal wire rod heat treatment assembly lines. 3,Welding of brazing, all kinds of carbide, cutter head, turning tool, milling cutter, planer tool, reamer, diamond saw blade, sawtooth; Welding of grinding apparatus, drilling tool, cutting tool; The complex of metallic material such as the brass, red copper, stainless steel pot bottom is welded. 4,The metal is smelted: Smelt gold, silver, copper,etc.. 5,Other heating fields: Aluminium plastic pipe, cable, electric wire heating membrana tectoria; The aluminium foil that the food, beverage, pharmacy trade use is sealed. The medium high frequency induction heating equipment that our company produces has the following characteristics: 1, Small, light and installing simply, operation is very convenient; 2,With high efficiency, economize on electricity and very obvious, economize on electricity by 60%, economize on electricity by 20% than silicon controlled rectifier intermediate frequency than the traditional high-frequency apparatus; 3,Safe and reliable, have Wan bend over high pressure is very much safe to operating personnel; 4,Frequency bandwidth, satisfiable different heating, heat treatment, brazing,etc. forge, of work piece; 5,Unique cooled recycle system, guarantee the 24-hour continuous work of the apparatus. 6,Great variety of goods, have series such as intermediate frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency, dual frequency,etc., power (KW) There are series 18, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160, 200, 250, 300,etc.. Welcome old and new customers to send a telegram to condescending to inquire!

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