Tester of vacuum degree of new high-quality Model KF-6100

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Main characteristic

Model KF-6100 the intersection of vacuum degree and tester able to bear, press law and magnetism, accuse of, discharge with present commonly used worker law have very much loud differences frequently at principle of measurement, it does not need magnetism to accuse of the coil, adopts the high pressure to be punctured directly, vary and isolate the sensor and gather the ion electric current of the negative pole through the light produced by electricity, sampling signal through before there vary is grades of preconditioning circuit send by A/D into,get to last vacuum degree of rooms arc calculations particular microprocessor A/D data that be obtained.

Technical indicator

The vacuum degree measures the range: 9.99* 10-1 Pa- 0.01* 10-4 Pa

Measure the error:< 10%

Measure the resolution ratio: 0.01* 10-4Pa

Export under high pressure: DC22kV

Ambient temperature: -From 20 ¡æ to +70 ¡æ

Air humidity:< 80%RH

Power voltage: AC220V 50Hz (¡À 10%)

Working power: 40~70W

Weight: 5kg

External dimension: 400* 300* 220( mm)

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