The specialized frequency converter of scientific and technological air compressor of Sichuan of huge human relations, the specialized frequency converter 028-8767221 of air compressor of Chengdu

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Hello, we are the huge human relations scientific and technological Development Co., Ltd. of Sichuan, we supply the specialized frequency converter of the air compressor. ELGI brand is all southwest exclusive distribution of serial frequency converters. Southwest exclusive distribution of frequency converter of Germany BOGE brand. Willing to serve you, we speciality devoted to sell, sell, a series of services such as being after sale, including: The energy is proposed - -Energy-conservation matches the lectotype, reducing energy consumption, project planning, design object construct - -Design maintaining, maintain plant maintenance and please telegraph the huge human relations science and technology in Sichuan to supply to maintain the spare part with 028-87672211 87662211 Obey the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Yellow young lady

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