Profibus( RS485) To the optic fibre converter

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Product introduction:
YZ3820/3810 whether one technical grade, from optic fibre to the intersection of RS422/485 and converter, YZ3820 support, can be collected and united the optic fibre interface of ascending-descending while being two-way in products, No. RS232/422/485 interface one, YZ3810 supports the optic fibre interface of No. one, No. RS232/422/485 interface one; RS422/485 interface adopts the industrial terminal structure, has offered the convenience to on-the-spot RS422/485 interstar connection, this product adopts the standard industry 35mm guide rail to install the way at the same time, the wide power import schema of adopting DC10-30V is built-in isolate the power module, meet different industrial scenes' demands.
YZ3820/3810 products adopt standard the intersection of SC and the intersection of optic fibre and interface(can according to order with requirement, support FC, the intersection of ST and interface) ; The endmost communication distance reachable 60KM of optic fibre; RS422/485 interface supports various industry control protocols such as ModeBUS, ProfiBUS, Foundation, FieldBUS, supports RS485 highest communication speed reachable 5M.

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