Angery plastic optical fiber jumper wire

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Angery jumper wire:

HFBR4506-4511/4501 technical parameter
The length 1m of jumper wire of optic fibre is can be made to order 110M;
Diameter 1mm of optic fibre;
The skin diameter ¦µ 1.0/2.2mm;
Fiber optic materials PMMA;
Employ the wavelength 650nm;
Bending radius Core diameter of 5 times
Connect and loss<0.5db
Hole foot-path 0.47 of the number value;
Tensile strength 27kg
Working minimum temperature -40 ¡æ
Working maximum temperature 70 ¡æ
Transmit and prolong and often count 5ns/m
Model can process the interface unit into the simplex or duplexing (depend on optic fibre module)
Interface unit Hp, Avago, Agilend industrial communication fiber joint
Mainly apply to the transmission of low speed, short distance, the development prospect is good in the field of bus system of industrial control and Internet, transmit the bandwidth high, the interference-free characteristic is strong, the advantage such as being steady of the signal. Plastic optical fiber (POF) Because its remarkable one is electric " The noise " Immunity, has already become the extremely competitive products substituting the copper cable in industrial application and automatic application of car.

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