Non- contact-type flow meter

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First, characteristic
0.5% of the linearity degree, 0.2% of the repetitiveness

The whole Chinese reveals or reveals in English

Compact, firm, internationally advanced die casting aluminium chassis

Many pulses of low-voltage are equilibrated and launched, received

4-20mA, OCT (add up to the pulse, frequency) , the relay is exported

Can answer Luis 4-20mA electric current signal 5 ' For instance: Temperature, pressure, liquid location,etc.

Prevent the password not moved by mistake by an attenbant from being locked and protected

Second, technical parameter
The principle of measurement: Supersonic wave propagates the time difference principle. The work that double CPU runs side by side, the floating-point operation of 4 bytes. Measure cycle 500ms 2 times per second.

The signal is input: Can input electric current of 5 routes signal, 0.1% of precision. (For instance: Signals such as temperature, pressure, liquid one,etc.) .

The signal is exported: The electric current is exported: 4-20mA or 0-20mA,etc., impedance 0-1K¦¸, it is empty to float, 0.1% of precision;

Frequency signal: 12- Choose OCT wantonly to export between 9999Hz;

Pulse signal: , defeated by, net flow and heat and added up to the pulse, relay and OCT are being exported;

Alarm signal: Relay and OCT are exported, nearly 20 kinds of source signals are available;

The interface of communication: The whole function RS232 serial interface, but apolegamy RS485 or CAN bus way.

Other functions: Flow day, moon, accumulating the function every year; Have the time of cutting out, function of management of flow; Diagnose the function by oneself in trouble; Network working way of remote control;

Cable length: SYY75 shielding cable, the single root can be extended to 500 meters

Pipeline material: Dense pipelines of all textures such as steel, stainless steel, casting iron, cement tube, PVC, aluminium, copper,etc., allow linings

In charge of section directly: The upper reaches is greater than or equal to 10D, is greater than or equal to 5D in the low reaches, is greater than or equal to 30D (D refers to the pipe diameter) from the pump exit

Measure mediums: Water, sea water, edible oil, crude oil, acid lye, beer,etc. can conduct the even liquid of the sound wave

Medium temperature: -30- 150 ¡æ

The range of understanding the foot-path: DN15- DN6000

Velocity of flow range: 0- ¡À 32m/s

Measure the precision: Superior to ¡À 1% ' It is that China not reach the ultrasonic flow meter of this precision)

Power: AC220V, DC8-36V or AC7-30V

Consumption: Smaller than 2W ' The same kind of model of China hits the consumption minimumly)

Weight: 3Kg

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