Lease in Beijing 200kw diesel engine generatorHan JinCun's machinery hires out 67916067

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The permanent generator apparatus leasing corporation of the great achievement specializes in the unit that the generator hired out the business. There is big medium and small-scale multi generating set 200. Can offer various import and China to the masses of customers at any time and produce the brand diesel generator set. The generator component is a general type with low noise. Power: 50KW -----2000KW . Allocate professional driver and maintenance attenbant, first-class service, first-class apparatus, use the zero defect live. The generating set of our company possesses the following characteristics: The noise is low, reliable performance, high, energy-conserving environmental protection of stability. A electricity consumption of satisfiable user's size of our company; Face the construction site, the road construction, subway constructing, field work, store are spare, the hospital meets an urgent need, movie & TV media, unit heat Many enterprises and institutions offer and lease the business

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