Fire control 15908116119 that the smoke detector of Chengdu please look for Chengdu and succeed

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Hello, we succeed in fire-fighting equipment Co., Ltd. in Chengdu, we supply with Sichuan / smoke detector of Chengdu. Smoke-sensing probe ( Abbreviated as: Probe) ,Adopt a pair of structure of ionization chamber of double source, can autotrack the operating point caused by environmental change and drift about, measure the probe and accumulate the aging that takes place because of the dust, guarantee its warning degree of sensitivity is in steady state, carry on fire alarm and fault alarm effectively. Visit the pretext and measure ionization chamber and basic reference ionization chamber,etc. to make up, act as the outside smog (cigarette particle) Cause the magnetic ray of ionization to change (the change of electric current change into a change of the voltage while entering and measuring the room, receive the monitoring of the electronic system, while exceeding specified threshold in this value) ,Output the alarm signal. Telephone number: 15908116119 028-66567119 faxes: 028-82859559 QQ: 133066119 contacts: Miss Yao obeys the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Miss Yao

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