Wire break alarm of the heating pipe

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IR light wire break alarm
The place of production: Shenzhen

Design for IR heating equipment specially, can cooperate with all kinds of thermostats, electric module use, automatic detection IR modulator tube operating condition is unusual send out and call the police immediately.
Adopt U.S.A. ATMEAL high-performance AVR one-chip computer to design, high reliability, long life, it is protected that multiple. Made up of acquisition of signal, operational control, part of output control three. The acquisition of signal is measured the device to measure the electric current of IR modulator tube incessantly by the microcrystal alloy electric current of nanometer, its image output is to operational control. The arithmetic control section pays analyzing to the signal according to booking the procedure, and assign it in advance and have with outputting the alarm signal rapidly. Output control has electrical relays that isolates outputting and LED signal indicated output of normally-open contact, can connect PLC, pilot lamp, alarm equipment.
There is standard control pattern and control the interstar connection mode the most simply, it is convenient to use and install.
Applicable scope: IR tunnel stove IR oven
Detection range: 200W- 20KW
Movement precision: 0.1A
The reaction time limit: 0- 10S
Outcoming signal: Electrical relay 2A 220V / LED driving voltage
Mains voltage: 220V 24V
A loop 2 loop 4 loop is chosen
It is sold in batches that 5 arise.

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