The heating equipment is electromagnetic to heat the energy-saving equipment

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ProductsApplication area:

1,Plastic trade: Blow membrane machine, wire drawing machine, moulding plastics machine, pelletizer, the plastic machinery of extruder,etc..

2,The chemical trade of medicine: For instance, medicine specialized infusion bag, plastic apparatus production line.

3,The chemical trade of energy: The liquid heats the delivery duct, the crude oil delivery duct.

4,Food trade: Food machinery such as supermarket aerovan,etc. needs the apparatus of electric heating.

5,The building materials trade: Such as firing the production line of air pipe, production line of plastic tubing, PE plastics hard flat network, geotechnological network aircrew, automatic hollow shaping machine, PE honeycomb board production line, the single double wall corrugated pipe is pushed out of the production line, compound the intersection of air cushion and the intersection of membrane and aircrew, the intersection of PVC and hard conduit, sandwich layer send bulb production line, PP to push the intersection of transparent film and production line out of, push the intersection of polystyrene and foamed pipe, PE out of, twine the membrane aircrew.

6,Dry heating, other similar trades in the printing equipment heat.

7,Heating of other special-shaped objects.

The project cooperates

1,Employ the commission agent all over China sincerely.
2,Accept, heat energy-conserving improvement project all over China, promise percent 30 to percent 80 power saving rate.

3,Technological transfer or technological cooperation, face individuals or units and plastic enterprises wanting to throw the item of the capital, offer the technological transfer of the patent and do the subsidiary factory jointly.
4,Offer energy-conserving technical application scheme and solution of electromagnetic heating for social every profession and trade.
5. Accept the manufacture of the nonstandard electromagnetic heating equipment at the same time.

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