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Quay city hand over to the intersection of river and town three lead to jointly 0317-8332651 15076795788 machine factory the intersection of China and famous tool, professional manufacturer of material measure, have rich technological capability and abundant production experience, hold the national plateform material measure production licence, take the lead in authorizing through ISO9001 quality system. Measure the adventitious sampling inspection continuously of Bureau of Technical Supervision from province and city, every technical indicator reaches or exceeds the rules of state verification requiring. Authorized by the two-step related departments of the province and city to " abide by the contract and keep prestige " The unit, the products sell well in 31 provinces and cities, the autonomous region, some products find a good sale: Countries such as U.S.A., Germany, Japan, South Korea,etc. win the favorable comment from customer outside China deeply.Three lead to jointly product that the machine factory produce mainly as follows, the casting iron examines the plateform, score line plateform, weld the plateform, T profiled groove mounting plate, bore the work bench of the milling machine, three coordinate platforms, experimental platform of the electrical machinery, fire worker's platform, floor borer work bench, light flat ruler of magnesium aluminium, flat ruler of flat type of casting iron, bridge type flat ruler, square chi, square, specialized angle chi of lathe, test square box, square box of score line, magnetic square box, magnetic V shape rack, run-out tester, gear bouncing tester, the lathe is examined excellently, the lathe adjusts padding iron, lathe resist shock padding iron, padding iron of ladder, padding iron of isometry, casting iron V section iron, sine bar, the axle uses the cardboard or stopper cardboard, check the smooth specialized ring gauge, the smooth terminal hole uses the gage, row drum, plate the chrome jack, the intersection of granite and plateform, parallel rule, the intersection of granite and adjustable pillar, V-type piece, the intersection of V and shape rack, the intersection of granite and the intersection of meter seat,etc. and worker quantity, can also it orders various to be an etalon ' Need user's figure paper) .

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