Four columns and three boards of hydraulic presses of Tianjin

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We support Tianjin four column three board the intersection of hydraulic press and the intersection of Shenzhen and prosperous set to engrave the intersection of mechanical equipment and Co., Ltd. engrave precise machine Co., Ltd. the intersection of Taiwan and platform with angry in one which the joint-venture set up of continent Move hydraulic equipment, automatized machine, numerical control machinery, pneudraulic spare part and design, produce, sell the as an organic whole professional manufacturer, the leading products are as follows, hydraulic machine is 1-100 tons, accurate numerical control hydraulic punch press, hydraulic machine and hot pressing shaping machine of 1-300 tons of general types. Applicable scope: (Press-cast the intersection of product and trimming shears, hydropress, hydraulic press, press-cast product, wash plane, hydraulic trimming shears, trimming shears, the aluminum products wash the machine, alumina-magnesia products trimming shears) This serial hydropresses are used in all kinds of aluminium, magnesium alloy and press-cast the burr die-cutting of the products and have a facelift extensively, the exactly cutting of plastic products; Also suitable for shaping such as blanking of sheet bar of plastic material, draw, press-cast trade, employ most extensive by machine this, design to press-cast the trade specially.

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