DC-DC direct-flow converter

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JSY( DC-DC) Direct-flow converter one. Characteristic 1) of the products Input and fail and totally isolate, safe and reliable 2) Advanced electric current control pattern and stable and reliable topological structure 3) of circuit The key spare parts all adopt and import the device, the main technical indicator is far higher than national relevant standards 4) Protect function to be overall, output voltage shortage, excessive load, short out, complete machine overheat protective 5) Adopt, have, flow automatically mainly technology is be combined with other handset use, dilatation convenient 6) But a pair of input of alternating and direct current, exchanging and complete electrical isolation two of direct current. Product variety

Type JSY24S48( 10) JSY48S24( 10) JSY48S24( 20) JSY110S48( 10) JSY110S48( 20) JSY220S48( 10) JSY220S48( 20) JSY220S48( 30) JSY220S110( 15)

Input the nominal voltage (VDC) 2448110220220

Nominal voltage of the output (VDC) 48244848110

Export the rated current (A) 101020102010203015

Export the voltage range (VDC) 40-6020-3040-6040-6090-150

The way Temp.-controlling of cooling is air-cooled

Size W *H *D (MM) 482*89*290

Weight (KG) 447787899

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