The bunch terminal is measured, the terminal is measured, the bunch terminal, the microscope, survey meter

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The bunch terminal measures the appearance VHT-620

First, instrument use

Bunch terminal it measures whom microscopes researches and develops specially to be one section accurate to find the analytic equipment, a whole set of system by the intersection of terminal and cutting apparatus, milling equipment, corrode washing, the intersection of section and the intersection of picture and acquisition system, bunch terminal picture, measure units such as the real-time analysis system,etc. to make up, adopt body mechanies to be designed, modularization association, pipelined workflow, let operation be more convenient, more swift. The complete detection system can finish the treatment analysis of a terminal within 5 minutes, have improved the examined speed of section quality of terminal greatly. Simple and easy operation, high-quality picture acquisition system, rigorous measurement analyze that provides protection for your production.

System of this microscope can produce the three-dimensional space image standing when can observe objects, the Perspective is strong, imaging is clear and wide, have longer operating distances; Dispose the terminal picture of the high-accuracy bunch and measure the real-time analysis system, make up the bunch terminal and measure microscopes, take a photograph of the perfection like head to make up, let the section picture be clearer in high-quality optical system and high resolution, the unique one is booked time definitely the shelf lets measurement be more accurate.

Second, systematic and brief introduction of

Bunch terminal it measures microscopes to be traditional light microscope and computer (digital camera) Combine together organically through the optical-to-electrical transducer, not merely can observe through the eyepiece, still can observe the real-time dynamic image on the computer display screen, and can edit, measure, keep and print the required picture.

Third, technical parameter

Microscope: 0.75X ~~ 4.5X (book one time of zoom lens continuously)

The total multiplying factor of the video: 40~100X

Turn into the multiple proportion: 6.5: 1

Operating distance: 100mm

Move the operating distance: 250mm

The two-dimentional mechanical shuttle table of objective table:

Adopt the spherical guide, platen size: 180* 155* 26mm

Moving range: 75* 55mm

The glass diameter of round table: §æ 95

Image forming system: Professional CCD or 5 million high definition image forming systems

Survey accuracy: 0.001mm

Lighting source: All pale light source LED lamp ' 0.7W)

Measurement limit: 0.015 -9mm2

Fourth, make up systematically

Computer type (XDT-620) 1,The bunch terminal measures microscopes 2, Adapt the mirror 3, Image pick-up device (CCD)

4,The picture is gathered the card 5, Specialized analysis software of terminal

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