IT700PIM power line carrier module

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IT700 embedded module (Plug-in Module: PIM) Combine IT700 chip and the circuit (AFE) is put before simulation of Yitran ,3.3V main machine interface, coupled circuit and power supply interface. IT700PIM can reduce the difficulty that users employ the hardware of the products to develop greatly, accelerates the process of product development. The applicable frequency band includes: US (FCC: 120-400 kHz) ; Japan (ARIB, MPT: 120-400 kHz) ; Europe Outdoor-CA: (CENELEC Band A: 20-80 kHz) ; CA2: (CENELEC Band A: 71-94 kHz) ; CA3: (CENELEC Band A: 65-95 kHz) ; Europe Indoor (CENELEC Band B: 95-125kHz) ;

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