Glass fibre reinforced plastic ammeter case *

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Our company introduces the new prescription of foreign advanced technology, the ammeter case department of this glass fibre reinforced plastic adopts SMC unsaturated polyester glass to strengthen fibrous mould pressing to shape and make. Unique performance its, solve wooden, the intersection of steel and make, plastic the intersection of ammeter and the intersection of case and easy wear out, easy corrode, insulating bad, the intersection of cold resistance and poor short-lived shortcoming bad, fire-retardant, the fine performance of the glass fibre reinforced plastic ammeter case, there are absolute sealed waterproof performance, performance, burglar-proof electric performance of prevention of corrosion, not need earth connection, look esthetic, lock the safe protection with lead sealing, the outdoor life-span can be up to more than 40 years, in more than 60 years in the room, intensity is 1N.m, the table case design with between a table and 16 tables is complete, there are more than 200 moulds, can have installing, second protection, single household switch, wiring end son, controlling multiple functions such as the switch outside the case in table case at the same time. But or installs on the wire pole, install mechanical table or electronic watch DD862, DD282,etc. at the fixed wall directly. The intersection of installation and terminal box, leak electricity the intersection of switch and DZ12, DZ18, DZ47, the intersection of RCL and fuse box and isolate switch,etc.. Users can operate the switch outside the body of case directly. The product development department of the company will be developing multiple nonstandard cabinet, body of case constantly according to customer's request.

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