The flange of medium voltage, medium voltage Fran factory of Hebei, Ou Thai engineering equipment pipe fittings factory of Hebei

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Flange of medium voltage | Medium voltage Fran factory of Hebei | Factory's telephone number of pipe fittings of the Thai engineering equipment of Europe of Hebei: 0317-6392656 Mobile: 13931756260 Ou Thai engineering equipment pipe fittings Co., Ltd. of Hebei lies in the Chinese pipe fittings production base ----Development area of mountain county of salt. Border on Beijing and Tianjin in the north, borders on Shandong in the south, sitting has the Bohai Sea, the geographic location is superior, easily accessible. Our factory relies on rich technical force and professional fabrication facilities of possession, rely on group's advantage to develop rapidly.Our factory follows " quality first; Reputation first, consumers first " Management aim,last " it is conduct oneself in advance not to make ", it is become friends first not to do business " Management theory. Improve the quality in kind of the products as the most important thing constantly, and users are worried, the ones that need users are required, make sure to serve warmly, abide by credit. Have gained the customer's trust, has established the good corporate image. Our factory produces the concrete delivery pump, principal products of business of specialized factory of pumping vehicle fittings are as follows, HBT30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 type concrete delivery pump pipeline; Various ground tubes, horizontal tube, straight tube, conduit elbow, reductor, rubber hose, rubber grommet, washing balling, washing the column, washing the piston, the intersection of high school and the intersection of undervoltage and the intersection of steel and Carlos and stiring transport products,etc. that stand Concrete pumping vehicle boom tube such as uniting, three one, elephant, Engineer Xu, having an area of, sea promise, 50 tinkling of pieces of jade, sky above Hubei and Hunan 85B, island 90B of Sichuan of stone in China; Furnished with the high pressure wear-resisting alloy J55 straight tube, cast concrete pump fittings such as wear-resisting bend, piston,etc. smartly. Can serve for offering the concrete to send live in the construction enterprise, offer pump and relevant fittings for concrete company, guarantee the reliable performance of the products and stability of work. The products sell well all over China, firmly get user's favorable comment.What the customer increases day by day is required to be the pursuit that we make great efforts forever. The staff of our company are hearty to welcome the travelling trader outside China to visit and guide, negotiate the business. Welcome, have, know expert, undertake sale agent. Our factory is with the high-quality products, good prestige cooperates sincerely with you and opens bright future. Tel.: 0317-6392656 Mobile: 13931756260 websites: QQ number: 774764497 postboxes: Scientific and technological technical support of platinum skill

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