Swedish remote control pneumatic executive body

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Swedish remote control pneumatic executive body

Swedish remote control accuses of company's lying in Falun city in the middle part of Sweden far, it is a world-famous professional manufacturer of valve carrying out device,
Had history specializing in carrying out device of the valve for more than 40 years already. This company main product have electronically pneumatic liquid-operated the intersection of valve and 3 big classes of carrying out etc.;
The main characteristic is high-efficient and reliable, the cost performance is good; The application, for chemical industry, papermaking, vessel, petroleum, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, water treatment, medical,
Trades such as the food,etc.. The company applies its products to nearly one hundred countries and regions in the world through the global marketing network.

Series RC200 pneumatic valve carrying out device of corner of 90 degrees divide resetting (RC200-SR) in order to act on the spring only With a pair of function (RC200-DA) Two kinds,
It outputs torque as 10-4000Nm, the largest pressure 10bar, minimum temperature - 40 ¡æ, 150 ¡æ of maximum temperature, suitable for 90 degrees
Rotate the valve switch and regulate controlling. It adopts and sets aside the fork type structural principle: 1 is opened / exported the torque to increase while closing the position, regulating characteristics are good.
2 bearings transmit power, friction is small, dependability is high, longe-lived. It is (30% less than the rack structure of the gear) that 3 is compact, small ,High in efficiency.
Cylinder block its material aluminium alloy ' The positive pole is dealt with) ,Drive shafts and spiral shell's poles are the stainless steel, its connection way accords with DIN3337/ISO5211
With VDI/VDE3845 (Namur) The standard, can connect with valve and relevant attachment conveniently.

RCI 200 M-1 Actuator

RCEL Actuator

RCI 400 Actuator

RCI Sureclose

RCI 500 Actuator

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