FD- type is wireless to examine the temperature

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The high-pressure switch cupboard implements the necessity that the temperature monitors online

The high-pressure switch cupboard is regarded as very important electric equipment in the power system, and the requirements for electric energy quality of modern power system are higher and higher, to high-pressure the intersection of switch and cupboard, outdoor switch, one hundred sheetses of floodgate, guide the intersection of line and joint apt dependability to generate heat part, put forward high requirement too. With the development of the electric wire netting and improvement of correlation technique, various switchgears have been already used in the electric wire netting in a large amount. And the switch cupboard,etc. is apt to generate heat the overheated phenomenon of the part has already become the Q&A in running, in some the intersection of load and heavy area, have switch joint or circuit to connect warm to rise problem of exceeding standard, it is safe that it influences the operation of the apparatus directly, the overheated problem is a developing course, can't grasp the intersection of apparatus and apt present operation temperature to generate heat part at any time, the administrator can't understand the intact operating mode of the apparatus, the apparatus runs once the temperature is malignant in a situation that there is no administrative staff to control rises, will give a great discount in life of equipment, the serious one will cause the accident. With the development of sensor technology, treatment technology of the signal, computer technology, make, go on, monitor and find the intersection of trouble and hidden danger become, run necessary content under management in time online turning on or off the intersection of cupboard and the intersection of temperature and state. Dependability and automatic intensity are significant that it maintains the number of times, raises the apparatus to run in guaranteeing the normal running, reduction of the apparatus. Because the high-pressure switch touches the head to interfere with in high voltage, high temperature, strong magnetic field and extremely strong electromagnetism in the environment, the ones that should realize to touching the head are examined warmly, must solve the electron and measure the adaptability of the device under the above-mentioned abominable environmental condition. And uncover the high pressure in the switch cupboard, the space is closed narrowly and smallly, it is unable to examine manually warmly.

Wireless to examine the warm system and adopt ripe sensing technology advancedly and carry on isolating with unique and advanced wireless communication technology under high pressure and signal transmission, utilize inherent insulation its and resist electric magnetic field, interfere with performance, solve high-pressure the intersection of switch and contact, the intersection of circuit and the intersection of person who connect and part run the intersection of temperature and difficult difficult problem that monitor fundamentally. Have extremely high dependability and security, isolate completely, cheap, it is simple and convenient to install, can wireless to transmit, record enter backstage supporter in temperature the intersection of apparatus and operation, realize the early warning function of remote.

Wireless to examine warm system function and characteristic

( 1) Systematic function

It is apt to generate heat to install the temperature sensor, reach the joint of the switch wait for on the part, through monitoring the temperature of the unit under test online, can know apparatus to be warm to rise the situation at any time, while taking place ultraly and warmly, this system can pass the temperature information monitored to controlling the host computer to make and deal with correspondingly through wireless transmission means, and analyze to the overheated signal that calls the police and let the administrative staff know the operation temperature of the apparatus at any time.

( 2) Systematic characteristic

Ø Adopt advanced digitization and wireless transmission technology, unique insulating ability, economy easy to use. Deal with through the special craft the wireless sensor, the parameter change of the temperature reaches and receives and dispatches the base station through wireless transmission means. The temperature signal received is accurate and reliable. No matter it will be highly safe, reliable to install, run, maintain. Will not produce any interference and influence on the once apparatus.

Ø Standardized design, can expand and interconnect with other systems conveniently, the expenses are cheap, it is flexible to install. A plurality of check points only take a data concentrator, the wireless temperature sensor is installed and can be installed in different period, does not need to debug again, the system finds and decorates newly automatically, and does not increase any line. Gather to data processing since temperature information, revealing, communication system,can ways single, many ways; Can link with complex automatic system of the power system, can also link with the LAN of the power system, wide-area network, incorporate the comprehensive control system of power automation.

Ø Adopt ultralow consumption design, send with ultra to call the police, send, combine together voluntarily while being warm regularly, have guaranteed the temperature exceeds standard and does not leak to examine. The sensor uses the battery to supply power, the time of supplying power of battery can change as 5-6 years.

Ø Wireless the intersection of temperature and sensor send the time interval ' 10 minutes - 4 hours) As temperature warning threshold can from at location machine software presume,at take place to if you can't fall, order location machine to give data concentrator directly, data concentrator sets for and changes the temperature sensor and measures time interval and calling the police value directly in wireless way, realize two-way intellectuality. The great control while helping staff members deal with different situations is required.

Ø Sensor itself have good insulation have resisting electromagnetic to interfere with ability extremely strong, run safely, reliably, accuracy is high.

Ø The unique design saves the complicated line, system installation is succinct and convenient.

Wireless to examine warm system composition and principle

(1)The system makes up

The system is monitored the software and part of the next monitoring equipment two to make up online. The monitoring equipment is mainly made up of wireless temperature sensor and data concentrator. The part of the software is monitored procedure, backstage supporter's data analysing and processing, customer end data web live to inquire three parts of procedure make up.

A wireless temperature sensor: Made up of control unit, wireless data transmission and three parts of temperature survey, after measuring the temperature, transmit the temperature data to the concentrator of the data wirelessly, install at the main fact operation temperature in the high-pressure contact of easy hair.

(2)It is examined warmly that infrared

The appearance of the infrared formation of image is unable to measure the internal apparatus through the cupboard door, the switch cupboard must close the cupboard door while running, cause infrared way unable measurement. FD- is wireless to examine the warm system temperature sensor to install to the surface with electric object directly, can spread in wireless way after measuring the apparatus temperature in the close body of cupboard directly.

(3)The optic fibre is examined warmly

The optic fibre type temperature thermoscope adopts the optic fibre to transmit signals, its sensor of temperature is installed on the surface with electric object, connect with the optic fibre among thermoscope and temperature sensor. It is apt to roll over that there are the optic fibres, it is easy to be broken, not high temperature resistant. Apt to make insulatingly to reduce after accumulating the dust, and the difficulty of connecting up is relatively great in the cupboard, the fabrication cost is high. FD- is too wireless to have complicated lead wire to examine the warm system, totally insulating, the fabrication cost is cheap.

Originality of the products

1,The circuit of the sensor and structure are designed specially, can keep the data steady under strong magnetic field and large electric current, high-temperature situation, and transmit the distancing is not influenced.

2,The sensor diffraction ability is strong, spread 800 meters - 1000 meters spaciously, stopping leaving ordinarily can spread 400 meters - 600 meters, the low power dissipation of the sensor, the battery guarantees for 5 years, and it is simple to change.

3,The temperature data that the wireless temperature data concentrator is gathered can be through transmitting and accusing of the end long-rangely to the office through various ways such as gprs\cdma, web releases.

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