China's high frequency quenches the battle line and strains the wave and compensates the device

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Reaction heating heat treatment apparatus, utilize electromagnetic induction to produce the phenomenon of generating heat of electricity of vortex, heated and heat-treated the surface of the work piece. Because high production efficiency its, with low consumption apt to realize the intersection of automation and produce, the intersection of pollution and advantage such as being less and too safe, employ more extensively. Produce and hand in the frequency level of a magnetic field of switchyard according to the apparatus, can divide it into high frequency, intermediate frequency and three kinds (high-frequency frequency is 30~500KHz frequently workers; The frequency of intermediate frequency is 1~10 KHz; Worker industrial alternating current with frequency of 50Hz) frequently .

For example: The total length of rail quenches the capital equipment of battle line and is in charge of the power of intermediate frequency for the brilliant floodgate of high-power, intermediate frequency this power to utilize brilliant floodgate in charge of the alternating current is become the alternating current of intermediate frequency frequently worker, enclose and heat surface of rail through reaction, then through cooling, achieve the purpose for the surface of rail to quench. Because it is harmonic source once that one are high that the brilliant floodgate is in charge of the power of intermediate frequency, it will inject a large amount of harmonic electric current into electric wire netting, bring about distortion in sine wave form of the original electric wire netting. The bigger the harmonic amplitude is, the more serious the wave form distortion of the electric wire netting is.

The harmonic wave may cause and mix the electric wire cable, voltage transformer to generate heat, it is unable to put into operation that there is no work to compensate the device, reduce communication quality, the air switch burns, the electric protector acts by mistake, bad consequence of breathing heavily and shaking etc. of the generator.

Harmonic wave that high-frequency apparatus produce or have a large number of harmonic system go on, have work compensate deal with, lead the step ' China) Experienced and professional technique, no matter concentrate on straining the wave under high pressure, or manage in the low pressure by stage, from FC passive wave filter to APF active wave filter, from static compensation to dynamic compensation of TSC, all of us possess and have different technology and different devices at user's choice.

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