Pressure-proof testing machine of the paper tube

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First, use: The paper tube pressure-proof testing machine specially tests paper tube, tube, gummed tape tube, paper pot, formates pressing intensity sideways of the paper pot, also testable Y-tube Y ' Sharp tube) . Second, type and technical parameter: 1. Type: BF-Z-200, BF-Z-500, BF-Z-10002. The capacity is chosen: 200KG, 500KG, 1000KG 3. Horsepower: 1/4HP, 1/2HP, 1/2HP 4. Reaction way: Sensor 5. Point out the way: Digital display of the microcomputer 6. Decomposition temperature: 1/1000 7. Precision: ¡À 1% 8. The area of the pressing plate: 30* 30cm 9. Daylight opening: 30cm or appointing 10. Compress the speed: 0~50mm/min (daily 13mm/min) 11. Volume: 85* 65* 80cm 12. Weight: 130kg 13. Power: 1¡Ó AC220V 2~6A

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