IT700 power line carrier chip

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IT700 power line carrier chip is a high-performance IC chip that Yitran Company introduces newly, combine Yitran ultra robust physical layer, high-performance data link layer, and network layer agreement (Y-NET) . IT700 offers 8051 kernels, Flash space of 256KB is used in the protocol stack and employ the program development, and offer mouth of 24 IOs.

IT700 power line carrier modulates and adopts Yitran patented technology DCSK spread spectrum technique, can offer extremely strong communication stability, the data rate is up to 7.5Kbps. The chip adopts many kinds of mechanisms to guarantee the stability of communication, soft decipher error correction algorithm and special synchronous algorithm of short block of forward direction substantially as having the patent at the same time.

IT700 supports many kinds of specification standardses (FCC part 15, ARIB,CB, CA) in the world ,And accord with Homplug C.C. standard, it is an ideal PLC control device.

Employ the embodiment 1. Automatic meter reading system (AMR) of intellectual electric wire netting Advanced electric table management system (AMM) Charge system of electric wire netting 2. Building automation of the intellectual home furnishing The safety protection is controlled Device control Environmental control 3. Other application street lamp control systems Traffic the system automatically Whistle control system Business consultation Beijing is rich to achieve Chinese majestic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Address: Clear flat 1702C of commercial association of Zhongguancun East Road China of Beijing Postcode: 100084 telephone numbers: +86-10-86765719 faxes: +86-10-62792828 Email:
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