Philip's flexible plate-making, UV glue solidification light TL100W/10R

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PHILIPS ultraviolet cure modulator tube is applied to glueing the ultraviolet solidification of the ink extensively, the pigment is dried, photochemical reaction, the sewage is sterilized, only wash, oxidize craft,etc. with higher speed. Suitable for the copying machine, blueprint machine, not have shadow glue solidification, nail beauty machine, insect to trap, the printing down of photosensitive materials such as film, resin edition, PS edition,etc., expose etc.. There are several kinds as follows of commonly used bulbs, because the layout is limited, do not try the detailed description, the brand and model of welcoming to call to consult best Specification Length (mm) The intersection of place of production and the intersection of Philip and ultraviolet modulator tube, print down light, expose the modulator tube, UV light Philip TUV11W bactericidal lamp, ultraviolet lamp TUV25W 46V Philip ultraviolet bactericidal lamp TUV36W 103V Philip ultraviolet bactericidal lamp PHILIPS copies, print, there is not ultraviolet modulator tube PHILIPS of Philip TL-D 36W/08 black of fluorescent tube of shadow glue solidification that shine modulator tube UVA wave band BL15W Philip TL40W/03RS ultraviolet ray of the flexible edition Print down in the light Philip and print down in modulator tube TL40W BL40W Philip TUV36W ultraviolet sterilizing lamp / bactericidal lamp TLK 40W/10R Philip printing solidification light Philip purple flexibly Ultraviolet bactericidal lamp of modulator tube TUV30W Philip of the outside line ,,PHILIPS ultraviolet sterilizing lamp Philip TUV36W, TUV55W HO ultraviolet the intersection of bactericidal lamp and ultraviolet the intersection of Philip and ultraviolet lamp, TUV11W of sterilizing lamp, PHILIPS of Philip, print down light HPM15, HPM17 the intersection of Philip and PHILIPS print down light, expose the light, the special light source light ultraviolet bactericidal lamp Philip TUV 36W T5SP ultraviolet bactericidal lamp Philip of Philip TUV36W water treatment has no shadow glue solidification machine to use the light source TLK60W/10R Philip HPM15 prints down in light HPM17/HPM13 Philip UV modulator tube, ultraviolet lamp, HPA400S and prints down the light PHILIPS shines the skin light. Sunbath light HPA400S Philip UV light. Solidification light. The glue specialized ultraviolet lamp 1000W Philip PHILIPS flaw detection machine uses the purplish black modulator tube (TL-D) Philip has no shadow glue solidification machine to use the light source TLD15W/10 ultraviolet lamp to print down in light TL100W/10R Philip flexibly

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