ACS510 series frequency converter of ABB frequency converter - -While distributing in Xiamen ABB

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ACS510 series frequency converter
Characteristic: Match the water pump application of the air blower perfectly
Advanced control panel
Used for reducing harmonic patented technology: Turn into the sensing type reactor
Circulate softly The multi-point U/F curve surmounts the mode
The built-in RFI electric-wave filter is suitable for the first and second environment as the standard configuration
Application: Extensive application, the applicable load of different types; Employ and especially optimize to the water pump of the air blower.
The model is applied to water supply of constant voltage, cooling blower, subway and tunnel ventilator draught fan,etc.

The ACS510 IP21 series frequency converter input voltage: Three-phase AC380V 480V, frequency: 50/60Hz

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