The cleaner, the cleaner, the dusting of Dongguan Company

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Cleaner | Cleaner | Dusting of Dongguan Company
The cleaner, sack cleaner, strain barrel type cleaner and water-bath type cleaner, call the cleaner or cleaner the apparatus that the dust isolates from flue gas. The cleaner one characteristic gas flow by processaable, at the time of passage of gas cleaner resistance lose and express dusting efficiency. Meanwhile, the difficulty or ease of the price, operation and maintenance charge, size of life time and operation management of the cleaner is to consider the important factor of its characteristic. The cleaner is applied to the desulfurized dusting of trades such as metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, building materials,etc. and purified. Cleaner practicability and reliability are good, have got the approval of using the producer, welcome old and new customers to come over and choose.

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