Zhou Xiang rotates the electronic endoscope

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The intersection of industry and electronic endoscope to collect optics, the intersection of precision optical machinery and electronic technology and make a video recording technology and can't harm the flaw detection instrument while being newing integrative while being micro-. It is used for can't harm the detection unable to touch the non- visual position defect of the technology of flaw detection conventionally. It is all and micro- to transmit and lights and makes a video recording by the optic fibre the video signal is amplified through dealing with, analyze the defective state.


Power industry: Whether measuring the steam turbine and surface of engine large axis regularly is corroded the crackle by scar and stress. Such defects as the inner surface of welding seam of pressure product of measuring mainly vaporized pipeline, oxygen-eliminating device, uniting the case etc. welds quality and corrodes

Petrochemical industry: Defect of welding quality and corroding etc. of using for checking inner surfaces of crater such as craft pipeline, pressure container, response kettle, heat exchanger,etc..

Aircraft industry: Used for checking the blade of the turbogenerator and protecting the ring to damage than traditional stroking and checking more accurately and more high-efficiently

Vessel: Used for checking the boiler, steam turbine, Diesel engine pipeline.

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