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Hello, we whether Zhenjiang fly to the profit up to the heating and form a complete set in Co., Ltd., we supply the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is also called heat exchanger and heat transmission equipment. Make between the two fluid carrying on heat exchange and realize the intersection of person who heat or cool and apparatus of purpose. Usually use the solid next door (heat transfer one) Separate the fluid in different temperatures. Some make two fluid in direct contact under device and exchange heat. Can be divided into next door type heat exchanger, regenerative heat exchanger and composite heat exchanger according to action principle. Can be divided into the cooler, heater, air conditioner and carburetor according to using the purpose. Can be divided into heat exchanger and nonmetallic material heat exchanger of metallic material according to the construction material. Can be divided into tubular heat exchanger and panel heat exchanger according to shape and structure of the heat transfer one.The telephone number of the company: 0511-88367787 88324157 88324117 13905283900 Company's fax: 0511-88324147 Company's website: http://www.china-fld.com Obey the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Mo JiHong

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