Appearance of measuring the full group and discharging that monosomatous ----Impression science and technology 029-88593050 in Shaanxi

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Hello, we always take the place of in scientific and technological intellectual's scholar's trader friend's marketing engine Shaanxi of impressions, appearance that we supply monosomatously and measure the full group to discharge. Our company supplies monosomatously and measures the full group to discharge the appearance incorporates discharging, measuring, monitoring online into an organic whole, of multiple use. Reduce the entreprise cost, reduce the attenbant labor intensity, offer overall and scientific detection means for the fact that storage battery and UPS power are maintained. Incorporate discharging, measuring, monitoring online into an organic whole, multiple functional, of multiple use. Each monosomatous battery parameter of online circulation detection that constant current discharges, real-time, can presume that combine control voltage, electric current, time, isoparameter of capacity, finish the test, control of accumulator battery various parameters automatically. Real-time to reveal, find, record the voltage of the monomeric or full group battery online, store or convey the PC to the data at the same time. New power consumption component, safe, there is no red hot phenomenon, longe-lived. The walkie ultra small volume is designed, convenient and highly liquid users can consult to use the person who have interest by phone 029-88593050 Obey the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Lei Lei

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