Manage the terminal specialized module in load

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Terminal specialized module of electrical load - 1100DB module

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Manage the terminal specialized RF wireless data transmission module in electrical load

Called before the electrical load system " The radio load control system " ,As its name suggests this system regards radio as communication medium to carry on the data transmissively. The system communication part is made up by capital equipment such as the Antenna Feeder, radio station, modulating the demodulating equipment, radio net. The technical key to the radio lies in communication quality, and communication quality is influenced by geography, environment, climate and other external factors again, especially in comparatively complicated areas of topography such as hills, mountain area,etc., it is very difficult for the large-area to develop the radio load supervising system. Usually data transmission that we adopt the method which increase the drop repteater to realize the large-area, but will strengthen the corresponding investment of system while increasing the drop repteater, and the demands of maintenance must be strengthened. The hidden danger that large-area is paralysed stores in systematically after increasing the drop repteater in addition, after continuing and standing and breaking down among them, will cause this drop repteater following all unable to go on communication with central office terminal station, cause a large number of customers' basic data to lose. With the constant enlargement of fixed telephone network and mobile network, most users are this network overlapping, in this way it is wired and moving the communication skill to combine with that we can not have wired and, learn from other's strong points to offset one's weaknesses, cooperate each other, solve the problem that the radio can't cover some areas; One of the important tasks of side management of the electric demand, it is to guide the electric market of user participation, and offer electricity service for it, this needs both sides of supply and demand to realize the information communication. Utilize load to manage numerous functions such as terminal pronunciation calling the police and information issue and printout directly, can well serve the customer. The customer's security is finished through the way that the electricity has been just through the polling of the watch keeper at present, it is very difficult to find the potential safety hazard of electricity consumption sometimes. And all electronic electric energy meters and voltage, electric current automonitor,etc. device that manage the terminal station and link up with it through load, the central office is very apt to find potential safety hazards such as customer's pressure loss, interrupting, voltage shortage,etc. during regular polling, and can until terminal pronunciation call the police and the intersection of liquid crystal and display function release all kinds of alarm message, point out the customer and carry on the essential safety inspection. Load management is terminal can also offer the same day and historical load curve, excellent picture of electric quantity of hour to users etc. to use the electrical parameter through the liquid crystal display, auxiliary its safe electricity consumption is produced. The customer prints the required electricity consumption data out through printing the output interface of terminal installation, have facilitated the electricity consumption management on the earth very much. In addition, direct against some overall size users, can set up the remote workstation there, offer its part of authorities, land the server of customer of the central office and obtain corresponding security electricity consumption general knowledge, important data such as electric quantity, load operating position,etc., help the customer to raise and use electrical efficiency, reduce the needless electric quantity to consume, realize customer's production of least cost, the scientific and technological good service which make sure true, reach the win-win of utility and customer finally.

According to the description above, it is very important to manage the terminal station in load, but when the mobile communication network breaks down, with small to come on problem solving while being wireless soon, staff member want, go, copy, fetch, it is small and wireless and is mentioned the agenda comes up as the backup. So the sharp company of mulberry of Shanghai specializes in a section of electrical load and manages the terminal specialized module SRWF-1100DB. The cost performance of this sincere module is very high, the transmission distance is suitable for copying fetching. Adopt wirelessly and replace infraredly, giving and copying and fetching the work brings the facility. It is a development trend of the future. The following is specification and technical parameter of SRWF-1100DB:

SRWF-1100DB-ZH module operation instruction

First. Definition of the SRWF-1100DB type wireless module interface

SRWF-1100DB offers an 9 stitches of interface units ( CON1) ,Its definition is based on the terminal connection
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