A profit sports match score control system

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The new environmental protection electronic Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of the victory of Suzhou produces various LED display screens, the product variety is complete, among them the display screen of control system of match score of sports is a product produced newly, its characteristic is mainly: Support the single machine edition, support network control too, the computer on the competition area passes the inner computer of control room of the network, and real-time display gets on the large screen. Support the giving a mark device at the same time. Can reveal the score, team member's name, competition name, competition remarks, the server, ,the time of competition, team member's personal score and foul. Can plugola. Competition time can time permitted count-down. Expicity script color can be set up arbitrarily, each one reveals the position that selects can be adjusted arbitrarily. Users can carry on the composing according to the actual requirement. Welcome the masses of old and new friends to call to consult to choose!

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