Szjmzz heat treatment uses the boiler tube 'Telephone number 13655116900)

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Hello! We are precision casting Co., Ltd. of divine boat of Yancheng. We supply the boiler tube. Ask to see websites in details: Our company specializes in metallurgy and special alloy material and studies the enterprises developed in telephone number 0515-85913929 13655116900. Have centrifugal cast tube, precision casting, investment, machine work, surface treat etc. to equip facilities. The products are applied to extensively: Trades such as metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, petroleum, rolled steel, heat treatment,etc.. Centrifugal casting is the speciality of our factory, can produce ¦µ 50mm- ¦µ 1000mm various centrifugal casting tubes of diameter. Centrifugal casting tube which our factory produces. Look bright and clean, it is dense to organize, it is even to sting the protruding pitted surface, is able to bear corroding, being anti-oxidant, having long performance life. Can be at ¡æ800 - 1200 ¡æ, the long term operation under 3- 4Mpa pressure. The staples is as follows, electric radiator tube, the intersection of gas burning and radiator tube, the intersection of stove and dish, with reduce boiler tube, the intersection of furnace hearth and roller, turn roller to, draw roller, sink roller, the intersection of stove and roller, the intersection of stability and roller, chemical pipeline,etc. while being flat powder metallurgy. Our company has already passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management systems are authorized. People will serve the divine boat wholeheartedly for old and new users. Make the win-win way together hand in hand. Obey the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Manager Han

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