Offer 12500kVA flue gas cleaning system technology of an ore heating furnace

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Offer 12500kVA flue gas cleaning system technology of an ore heating furnace First, design considerations 1. This design considerations " flue gas cleaning technology policies and regulations of steel and iron industry " chapter seven " of Ministry of Metallurgical Industry The ferro-alloy electric stove cigarette flue gas is purified " China's relevant regulations.2. Exhaust emission carries out the first class emission standard in GB9078-1996 " kiln air pollutant emission standard of the industrial furnace ".3. Noise that produce carry out the intersection of GB12348-90 and regulation of " the the intersection of industrial enterprise and the intersection of factory and the intersection of circle and noise standard ", namely factory circle noise less than or equal to 65db in the daytime, less than or equal to 55db at night. Second, design object: 1. Concentration of emission of flue gas<50mg/Nm3.??????>99.8%.2. Its SiO2 content of silica flour retrieved is greater than or equal to 92%.3. Investment is provincial, reasonable structure, safeguarding simply and conveniently, the running cost is low. Third, design parameter ( Offer by producer or design handbook) The short smoke collection cover of 12500KVA ore heating furnace, semi-closed, the flue gas that generally speaking discharges the technological parameters: 1, The stove covers the exhaust gas volumn: 70000Nm3/h (mark the attitude)2,The flue gas temperature: 450 ¡æ3, dust content of flue gas: 3.6-5g/Nm3 (2) , the system one of dust removal of undervoltage pulse, summary: The filtering dusting system has no difference in the silica flour for processor forward ends and filtering type of the positive pressure at reduced pressure. Difference lie in cleaner set up in main the intersection of draught fan and forward end ' In front of the entry) ,The flue gas after purifying is discharged through the chimney. Filter blowback at reduced pressure with a traditional one deashing a different one whom scheme this adopt to filter the intersection of pulse and the intersection of deashing and way at reduced pressure, the cleaner selected is: JDDM serial long bag undervoltage pulse sack cleaners. It is large in investment that this technical success employs changing the traditional negative pressure filtering cleaner, the apparatus is bulky, deashing results are not enough, the apparatus running resistance leans towards the higher defect, the deashing way of the pulse sack cleaner is applied to the ferro-alloy ore heating furnace, it is really China's latest dusting technology. Its characteristic is: ( 1) Investment is provincial, the floor space is small. The new complex that this apparatus chooses strains material and glass fibre and strains the material and compares its wearability, resists rolling over and peel strength to obviously improve, namely ability high temperature, can raise and filter the wind speed, it is the glass fibre that strains one time of the material, having reduced the cleaner filter area accordingly, it is half of the filter areas of dust remover of filter bag of glass fibre, apparatus weight is lighter 50%. Have achieved the goal of reducing the cost of investment and reducing the floor space. ( 2) The deashing is effectual. The deashing result is the key factor that the cleaner uses, this apparatus adopts the submerging direct pulse valve of the heavy-calibre, blow small resistance, the atmospheric pressure is low, the deashing blows the pressure and reaches 2000pa instant, the strong deashing is thorough, effectual. The used pulse valve diaphragm is the technology of Sino-America joint-ventures, the life time is 1 million times. ( 3) Convenient maintenance. Take off the cover structure at this apparatus is adopted, namely open the top case and change the bag on the telescopical filter bag chassis. Its life time of filter bag is 18-24 months, it is generally 8-12 months that the glass fibre strains the material, the relative extension of service cycle. The running cost is relatively reduced. ( 4) The negative pressure type dusting system its main air blower is in cleaning the work environment of the air current, the blade of the main air blower does not need to clean and maintain, the air blower runs relatively stably. Designer Engineer Wang's profile of the technological project: (15005106507) Such respects as the design, device fabrication, project which are engaged in respects such as air pollution control,etc. are always contracted work for more than 20 years. Have 20 national patents. Preside over large and medium sized 20 remainder terms of item design of project in environment protecting mode, preside over the large-scale project in environment protecting mode and always contract 2 items, involve nearly 200 million project invest, (electricity change bag) One of the chief leading cadres constructing, have abundant construction tissue and experience of management, also " 863" . The Chinese first electrostatic precipitator changes cube / hour of sack cleaners 1600000 the complete cipher scheme of the exhaust gas volumn is participated in. Bladder type dusting cipher scheme chief leading cadre of the boiler of 75 tons per hour of spark heat and power plant. Once sack cleaner as Australian expert joint research participate in not designing with Chinese power industry cleaner.. Design people of Japanese emperor three former the intersection of business quarter and the intersection of world and first with coal will it be November 2005, old tire and drib material products are blended fuel 65T/H high-temperature high-pressure circulation bed boilers (the coal, saw-dust, old tire blended fuel) The sack cleaner checks, have already put into production through the Japanese expert. It is less than or equal to 20 mg/ Nm3 to export the dust concentration. Shanxi left right prosperous to revitalize smeltery silicon, smelt the flue gas of the electric stove, purify dusting, the safe and sound large-scale fire retardant explosion proof type pulsed dust collector from 4000M2 to 6000M2 of coking and chemistry plant of Shanxi is in the dusting of coke oven. Pharmaceutical factory 20t/h-75t/h coal burning boiler bladder type dusting system of Chongqing Taiji group. The Limited Company of steel of Jinan first sintering plant 660000 m3/h electric bag compound cleaner mainly designs, river spring group Ye coking and chemistry plant 6000M2 large-scale fire retardant explosion proof type pulsed dust collector global design of China of Linyi of Shandong,etc.. . . . . . The cleaner, sack cleaner, the cleaner, sack cleaner, pulsed dust collector, pulse sack cleaner, pulse sack cleaner, the cleaner of the boiler, undervoltage pulse sack cleaner

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