Liquid location sensor of solar energy

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Tyc806 type (hang the ancient piece of jade) Boiler pressure sensor, the controller of pressure of water pump of location sensor of the solar energy liquid, pressure sensor / changer of normal form
Generally called:
Product this civil specially ' Hang the ancient piece of jade) The but the design of complete network of the boiler, the outer cover adopts the engineering plastics of high strength (PBTThe concrete parameter is as follows:
The characteristic of the products: 0- 4~6~10~16ar (can be adjusted when being dispatched from the factory according to the needs of user)
Static precision: ¡À 1% FS (model)
Error: ¡À 3% FS (including the temperature error of 0- 105 ¡æ)
MEMS manufacturing technology: It is high and integrated, improve the stability signal to amplify, has already protected the temperature compensation EMI
The voltage of power supply: 5.0¡À 0.5VDC job electric current<10mA
Export impedance: Less than or equal to 10¦¸
Export the type: The rate is counted ' Can customize the exporting type of figures)
Output voltage: 0.5 -4.5VDC
Performance characteristics
Pressure range ( Range) : 0-4bar bears the pressure 1MPa the most largely
Static precision (% FS) 1 (model) The pressure circulates life-span 100,000 times
Working environment : Temperature range of job - 40 ¡æ -+120 ¡æ
Compensate the temperature range: 0 ¡æ- +105 ¡æ
Store the temperature range: -40 ¡æ- +120 ¡æ
Mechanical characteristic
Protect the grade: Interface G1/4-19 of IP65 pressure
Can examine medium water, lubricating oil,etc. to shake (frequency 10HZ, amplitude 3mm) An hour
Draw the line to define: When the cable is exported: Red: +5VDC; Black ' Or white) : GND; Blue ' Or green) : Vout
While connecting the plug-in package to export: A foot: +5VDC; 2 feet: Free; 3 feet: Vout; 4 feet: GND (acquiescence type: C2521HF-4P)
The lead wire length: Acquiescence 130- 150mm (can be customized according to the needs of user)
1,This product belongs to the accurate products, forbid beating, striking the thorn with the sharp hard object to enter;
2,This product is a plastic outer cover, can't keep in touch with its medium not compatible;
3,Forbid grasping the other positions outside of Six Party, prevent the products from damaging; The torsion can't be too large, avoid the whorl that damages the pressure and connects.
4,The cable can't be unclamped while asking for the head, otherwise apt to draw the line and is drawn the possibility that breaks;
5,Forbid drawing the cable thread and connecting the plug-in package, avoid causing breaking to damage with strength;
6,Notice the cable can't be connected by mistake, otherwise will cause the products to be damaged;
7,The voltage can't exceed the specified range to pay attention to supplying power, otherwise will export abnormally or damage;
8,The designated pressure can't exceed maximumly and bear the pressing value, otherwise will cause the products to be damaged, serious consequence that the medium is revealed;
9,This product can't be used for measuring the organic solvent ' Need to change sealant at the time of production) ,Otherwise will cause and let out.
10,The output of this product will be changed and changed and belonged to the normal phenomenon by the voltage of the power.
Can as requested customize a products contact: Yang HaiNian ( Sale / engineer) Telephone number: 0757-26380502 Fax number: 0757-26619508 Company's website: E-mail address:

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