The electric current mutual inductor of electrical apparatus factory of Haihe River of Tianjin, voltage mutual inductor, the flowing device rises

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HLBType serial standard electric current mutual inductor

The core of HLB type serial standard electric current mutual inductors adopts the high-quality material and deals with strict science refinedly. Have improved the stability of precision and measurement of the mutual inductor effectively. This product wires simple performance steadily. The appearance is exquisite and in good taste. Suitable for measuring the department, manufacturer and electric department and making the detection of the mutual inductor to test. In addition, can also be used as the limit device of the expanding amount, cooperate with corresponding instrument, measurement power and electric energy that can be accurate.

Technical data:

Precision grade: 0.05-0.01( S) Grade

Once electric current of amount: 0.1-100; 5-600; 5-2000A or according to the need.

Electric current two times of amount: 5; 1( A) Or according to the need.

Specified voltage: 500V

Rated power factor: COS¦Õ=1.0( 0.8)

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Note: 5-2000AThe above pierces through the core hole. To, 500A that the standard changes and flowsThe above wears core 2-1Circle.

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