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INtime real-time operating system was produced by U.S.A. TenAsys Company, and the cooperative partner of Microsoft, IRMX? RTOS already more than history, extraordinary maturity and reliable for 25 years in technical development. INtime is based on this technology, it combines strong industrial level control with abundant Windows function, thus make the utility program fully utilize all Windows characteristics and hundreds and thousands of Off-The-Shelf utility programs, do not need to sacrifice real time response. Carry out the complexity that the real-time Windows utility program not merely can reduce the software with TenAsys software, and can also compress the redundant hardware cost, has compressed the listing time of products prominently.

INtime real-time operating system been already verified in hundreds and thousands of kinds of utility programs of the whole world, and failure-free operation is several million hours.

INtime real-time operating system is a solution when Windows operating system is real of group, it is the only resource that is totally protected, and the solution that can still when Windows breaks down run independently. INtime realizes the switch between Windows and INtime with hardware mulitasking mechanism of x86 framework CPU. Process and thread of Windows system have all become a low precedence thread of INtime. When real movable take place, computer context will switch to INtime real-time operating system. After finishing in these activities, the computer context will switch over the operating system back to Windows.

INtime to load one real-time operating system while loaded the intersection of Windows and operating system in method software take, so that they share the same CPU and cut off the hardware, but separate in other respects. Each operating system is capsulated for a virtual machine, respectively own the intersection of descriptor and table, memory manage etc.. INtime and its application operate in the environment totally independent of Windows, the advantage of this way is safe and reliable, can make real-time application avoid being influenced by Windows system failure.

Key feature and function

*Mature real-time technology

*The seamless runs in real time, is suitable for Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003

*Support the multiple processes or system (SMP and HT) --The sharing or monopolizing real-time resource allocation used in the multiple processes / multi-processor selects

*Complete and Microsoft Visual Studio .NETIntegrate - -Can edit, compiling, interlinkage and debugging the real-time application program, but does not need backout Visual Studio .NETEnvironment

*Integrated on-line help

*Telescopic architecture - -The real-time application program can run or run across the multiple joint here together with Windows

*The complete memory used in the real-time application program is protected and isolated with the address

*Communication stack of real-time TCP/IP - -Can be independent of Windows network stack and run

*Have offered driver programs such as DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CANopen and ControlNet,etc.

*Real-time USB stack supports OHCI, UHCI and EHCI control device

*Have offered GPIB (IEEE-488) And the real-time device driver of motion control

*Direct I/O and memory shine upon, can visit all hardwares

*Used in the periodic incident interrupted systematic time-recorder graininess, its precision reaches 100 ¦Ì s

*Postbox, semaphore, alarm, area and shared drive IPC mechanism

*EC ++ storehouse accords with the latest ANSI standard - -Support exception handing and name space at the same time

*Sharing storehouse (RSL) when the ones that can load the real-time storehouse are real

*Used in the real-time target and have a look around and collapse the analytic INtime Explorer tool (INtex)

*INscope real-time system performance analysis tool

Application area:

The monitoring equipment of electric system simulation, mechanical device fabrication, the processing unit of semiconductor manuafcture, ultrasonic checkout equipment, car detecting instrument, common software PLC, medical instrument (X-rays phototropic vision, electrocardiograph,etc.) ,Automatic ticket machine, precise regarding as machine, the automatic control equipment of vessel, the steel mangles the control system, commercial real-time map system, the monitoring device within the steel tube, plastic processing unit, the attachment of the injecting machine, trades such as communicating device, the laser processing unit,etc..

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