Electromagnetic to heat enclosing 'Board)

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Electromagnetic to heat the characteristic enclosed:

( 1) Gao Xiao: Thermal efficiency is up to more than 95%, under equal condition, preheating time is shortened by 2/3.
( 2) Energy-conservation: The result is more than 30% at least to compare and heat and enclose and economize on electricity originally and resistance type, as to different raw materials, producing different products, the result is changed to some extent to economize on electricity. It can be more than 70% that the highest.  ( 3) Environmental protection: Can reduce the ambient temperature notably, improve the work environment.

( 4) Reduce the expenses, heat and adopt the cable construction partly, heating cable does not produce heat, the life time is non-maintaining for a long time.

The tradition heats and encloses the existing problem:
( 1) It is hot and disastrous: Resistance type to heat enclosing and adopt the resistance wire to wind, heat and enclose the two sides to generate heat, its inside sticks to the part of the feed cylinder and could conduct on the feed cylinder closely, the heat emission of outside reaches to the air.
( 2) The ambient temperature rises: Because heat distribute in a large amount, the ambient temperature is raised, enterprises have to adopt the air conditioner to reduce the ambient temperature, two-shot this one that causes the energy again is wasted.
( 3) The short, maintaining amount of the life time is heavy, because adopts the resistance wire to generate heat, its heating temperature is up to about 300 ¡æ, resistance wire easy burn-out because of high temperature oxidation, heat, enclose life time, make an appointment in about half a year while being resistance type while being daily, so, the work capacity of maintenance is relatively large, increase the maintenance charge
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