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CALEFFI mends the water valve, CALEFFI relief valve Inlet pressure pot Import the expansion vessel, import the expansion tank Import the level pressure pot Import the voltage regulation pot Import the pressure vessel

Import the water pump in supply of Dai Le Company, import the expansion vessel inlet pressure pot, import expansion tank, CALEFFI to mend the water valve, CALEFFI relief valve, import the offering of products such as the A.A.V.,etc.. Include Italian ELBI imports the expansion vessel, inlet pressure pot and imports the expansion tank instead of the tradition.

Italian ELBI Company is specialized imported expansion vessel, inlet pressure pot works, import the expansion vessel, inlet pressure pot, import the expansion tank products to authorize through various world such as CE, ISO, TTK, WRC, SA.

The imported expansion vessel can offer the specification of 2~5000L, the pressure range is from 3~16BAR.

The inlet pressure pot can offer the specification of 5~5000L, the pressure range, and can offer the stainless steel products from 3~16BAR.

Our company offers the following brands to import the water pump now:

U.S.A. ITT group Italian LOWARA imports water pump and aircrew

Italian NOCCHI has strange promise to import the water pump

Danish GRUNDFOS (Glen is rich) Import the water pump

It is reached that Italian CALPEDA (department is abundant) Import water pump, hot oil pump, swimming pool circulating pump

Italian AQUASYSTEM A Cruz's smooth inlet pressure pot - import the expansion vessel - import CALEFFI relief valve - CALEFFI, mend the water valve

Italian PEDROLLO (Pedro) Import the water pump

U.S.A. ITT group Dutch ROBOT ( Robert) Dive blowdown pump, air conditioning pump

Germany WILO is (majestic and happy) Group LG home pump, industry pump, agricultural pump

GermanyVANOImport the water pump in tile promise

The intersection of China and person Yue, WRLRUS of Taiwan, import DOOCH of water pump South Korean the intersection of department and imported the intersection of water pump and the intersection of Taiwan and the intersection of Sichuan and the intersection of source and water pump Du

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