Power of high-frequency induct heating; Heat treatment equipment

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Scientifically create electronic Guangxi Branch in Zhengzhou, it is one that regards sale and after service as the integrative new high-tech enterprise, mainly sell " X " Scientifically creating ultra-high frequency, high frequency, intermediate frequency, new induction heating equipment of dual frequency of the series, maintain to the doorstep free in all apparatus one years that we sold, put in place in 24 hours, maintain all the life, China's joint guarantee! The main application area of apparatus: 1. Heat treatment various automobile fitting, last mixing, hardware & tools, gear, sprocket, vapour it is some or quench, anneal wholly the metal part one at moving, fittingses hydraulic,etc.; 2. The intersection of thermoforming and standard component, fastener, automobile fitting all kinds of completely, rub mix, hardware & tools, the intersection of mould and thimble, large-scale thermoforming completely of steel tube. 3. Welding of brazing large-scale rock drill steel, turning tool, milling cutter, planer tool, diamond saw blade, sawtooth; Welding of grinding apparatus, drilling tool, cutting tool; The complex of metallic material such as the brass, red copper, stainless steel pot bottom is welded. 4. The metal smelts gold, silver, copper,etc.. 5. Other heating domain electric wire, cable hot membrana tectoria, aluminium foil are sealed. Welcome the connection of the incoming telegram to consult!

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