Ultrasonic flow meter of fixed type of hanging

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Ultrasonic flow meter of wall type
The ultrasonic flow meter of wall type is applied to various industrial scenes extensively the online flow of liquid is measured. The sensor can be divided into a external application type, bayonet, is in charge of one section of types,etc., in order to meet user's use of different scenes' needs.

Performance characteristic

l Measure the precision: Superior to 1%;

l Repetitiveness: Superior to 0.2%;

l Measure cycle: 500ms (2 times per second) ;

l Working voltage: AC220V/DC24V or AC8 30V;

l Measure the velocity of flow range: 0 is ¡À 32m/s;

l Can examine temperature range of medium - 40 ¡æ 160 ¡æ

l The medium is required: Water, sewage, sea water, alcohol, various oils,etc. can conduct the ultrasonic single and even and stable liquid;

l Applicable pipeline material: Pipeline that steel of carbon, stainless steel, casting iron, copper, cement, PVC, aluminium,etc. are even, the quality is dense, allow linings;

l Reveal: 2* 10 in a poor light Chinese character liquid crystal displays; It can reveal whether it is instantaneous flow and, shoulder, accumulate by flow, velocity of flow,etc. only;

l Operation: 4* 4 dabs the keyboard

l The signal is exported:

Electric current signal: 4mA- 20mA or 0mA- 20 mA, impedance 0- 1KW, it is empty to float, 0.1% of precision.

Frequency signal : 1- Choose wantonly (OCT export) between 9999Hz .

Pulse signal: , defeated by, net flow and heat and added up to the pulse, relay and OCT are being exported.

Warning signal: Relay and OCT are exported, nearly 20 kinds of source signals are available.

l The interface of the data: RS232 serial interface, but apolegamy RS485 or CAN bus.

l Other functions :

The 64th when memory ago /64 month /5 year accumulation flow; Memory have, cut out for time, flow and function of management of flow the first 64 times.

Available to add the accumulating amount function, every day's working state of memory automatically or manually.

Can programme in batches ' Quantification) Controller.

Diagnose the function by oneself in trouble.

Working way of the network,etc.. (must allocate GPRS/GSM module and can be realized and controlled long-rangely)

l Protect the grade : IP65

l Weight and volume

Host computer : 3 kg volume: 251* 192* 80mm material: Press-cast aluminium


1,Host computer: One

2,Sensor: 1 pair

But apolegamy sensor:

l 1 type standard small-scale sensor S: (weight 75g)------------Applicable DN15 100mm

l Standard medium-sized sensor M1 type : (weight 250g)-----------Applicable DN50 700mm

l 1 type standard large-scale sensor L: (weight 650g)--------Applicable DN300 6000mm

l High-temperature small-scale sensor S1H type: (weight 94g)--------Applicable DN15 100mm

l Standard medium-sized support sensor M1Z type : (weight 1080g) ----Applicable DN50 700mm

l Insert the Model B sensor in ' Inserting type) directly: 186mm

l Insert the Model C sensor in ' Oblique inserting type): 228mm

l Extend and insert the Model B sensor in ' The cement is affective): 330mm

3,The steel is taken: 1 set (the tying sensor is specialized outside)

4,Coincidence pharmaceutical: 2 (colloidal silica)

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